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Redshift Unload to S3 End of Line Encoding Type



We currently have data produced in redshift which we are unloading as CSVs to s3 for it to be transferred via sFTP to an external client for processing.

In these CSV's, the line end is UNIX format, just LF, which doesn't work with the clients program. We instead want our CSVs to be produced in S3 having the DOS format, a CRLF line end instead.

Is this possible in the unload function? If not, is there a point in the pipeline where the conversion can happen easily? Maybe in the meta data of the s3 file, or with a conversion on a lambda function?

Thank you

1 Answer

The Redshift UNLOAD currently does not provide options for choosing LF or CRLF. But with S3 trigger you can invoke Lambda function to execute script for Unix to Dos conversion.

answered 6 months ago

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