CloudFormation StackSet deployment not working properly


Hi AWS, I was trying to create a CloudFormation StackSet using Service-Managed permission model. I have selected the right OU and region but when I am submitting it for deployment it shows zero stack instances. I have tried it with several AWS OUs present but everytime it is showing zero stack instance.

This is the first time I have experienced such an issue. Please help.

  • Can you share the Cloudformation stack events on console that you see when submitting your stackset for creation by CFN?

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Which kinds of resources do you deploy with this stackset?

Did you try to deploy the corresponding unitary stack (i.e outside of stackset) in one single region to see how long it takes?

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answered a year ago
  • I have deployed an IAM role along with a policy attached to the role. It was deployed at the Organization Unit (OU) with a difference filter to exculde the deployments in couple of AWS accounts.

  • Hi, can you try to install this role (or another less risky one) into all accounts of the org with no filter to see if it is any faster?


Do you see any errors

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answered a year ago
  • No error, but the stack instances is showing after an hour or so, why is that?

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