Roadmap for Greengrass v2 feature parity with v1?


Is there any information about the roadmap and possible timelines for GG v2 to match GG v1's feature set? Notably in the v2 docs it mentions these features which do not yet exist:

  • Connected devices (also called Greengrass aware devices) and MQTT over the local network
  • Device shadows and shadow synchronization
  • Hardware security integration
  • Stream manager telemetry metrics
  • The following languages in the AWS IoT Greengrass Core SDK: Node.js, C
  • The C and C++ Lambda function runtimes.

Specifically I am interested in connected devices and device shadows, which from this thread: I see are intended to be supported, but is that "coming soon" (i.e. Q2 2021), or "maybe someday"? Any guidance on this topic would be appreciated. I understand you can't commit to timelines in a forum post, but some guidance would be helpful for designing our IoT system.

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Rest assured we are working diligently to deliver all of the items on your list. It's an AWS policy not to give specific dates, but it is our intent to provide superset functionality over Greengrass V1 as the year unfolds.

The support of locally attached devices (GGAD) with MQTT is a very high priority item and is "coming soon" :)

Thank you for being a Greengrass customer and being patient while we engineer these items into V2.


answered 2 years ago

Oh and this includes local device shadow support.


answered 2 years ago

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