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/Can the StopContact method be made to allow stopping a contact with "Callback" initiationMethod/

Can the StopContact method be made to allow stopping a contact with "Callback" initiationMethod


Imagine the folllowing scenario:

  • A busy contact centre with multiple queues including a very high priority queue allows callbacks to be booked.
  • A customer books a callback, but gets impatient and calls through on the high priority line, before having received their callback.
  • This leaves an orphaned callback tying up agent resources to contact the customer unnecessarily

I would like the ability to have the agent then cancel their existing callback.

This would be quite easy using the StopContact SDK Method, if we were allowed to use it for contacts with the "Callback" InitiationMethod

Is there any chance that we may anytime in the near future be able to do something like this?

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Hi Vito.
Great news for you!!
Amazon Connect launches an API to programmatically stop queued callbacks.
You can use the API to avoid duplicated callback.
Amazon Connect launches an API to programmatically stop queued callbacks

Thank you.

answered 2 months ago


I’m not sure if StopContact API will support Callback.

It is impossible to remove contact from callback queue, but prevent duplicate inbound call.
Please check the following blog for solutions that may meet your requirements.
Preventing duplicate callback requests in Amazon Connect

I hope this helps you.

answered 3 months ago
  • Hi ippei_N, Thanks for your reply. Our contact centre already has a very similar solution in place to prevent duplicate callbacks. This is not the issue i am trying to resolve.

    My question relates to customers who already have queued callbacks in place, calling through on a higher priority queue in order to circumvent waiting for their callback.

    Now i understand there is no way to implement a solution to stop this behaviour from our customers... but once they have called a high priority queue and spoken with an agent, their callback remains in the lower priorirty queue increasing volume and wait time unnecessarily, as they generally have had their issues resolved on the higher priority line.

  • @Vito Hi Viro. Sorry for my late response.

    There is no way to remove a call from the callback queue. As an idea to remedy the problem, how about the following?

    The callback first receives an incoming call to the agent and then outbound whisper flow. Create a DynamoDB table that records the customer's phone number and the time of the last callback, and check that table in the agent's custom CCP onIncoiming event or in the outbound whisperflow Lambda function call. If the last callback timestamp is recent, add a process to disconnect the call.

    I hope this helps you.

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