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I want to upgrade my Aurora RDS MySQL version 5.6 database to 5.7 (and eventually on to 8.0). But in the Modify section I do not have the option to upgrade to version 5.7 (5.7 does not appear in the version options). I suspect it has to do with my DB Instance Class - which is a db.t2.small. If this is in fact the issue- does anyone know the smallest DB Instance Class that allows for MySQL version 8.0?

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AWS support pointed out Aurora MySQL does not currently support version 8.0

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I understand that you wish to migrate your Aurora MySQL 5.6 database to Aurora MySQL 5.7 and then eventually to Aurora MySQL 8.0.

As you know ,the MySQL version 8.0 is only available for RDS MySQL and the engineering team is already working towards getting the release for the Aurora MySQL v.8.0.
I would like to inform you that MySQL 8.0 is in the roadmap for Aurora MySQL, however we do not have an ETA for the release.
Having said that, all AWS new features and bug fixes are announced at the following links. Please keep an eye on them.

Regarding upgrading your database from Aurora MySQL 5.6 to 5.7, I would like to inform you that you will not be able to see the 5.7 version in the Modify DB instance/cluster page.

I would like to inform you that Manual Snapshot restore is the best way for you to migrate to the new aurora-mysql 5.7 version. I reviewed your account and I could see that you have aurora instances of 5.6.10a
Please refer the below steps to upgrade from Aurora 5.6.10a to 5.7.12:
1. Select the Aurora instance you want to upgrade, click 'Instance Action's and then select 'Take Snapshot'.
2. In the 'Snapshots' section, select the snapshot created in the previous step, click on 'Snapshot Actions' and then select Restore Snapshot.
3. In the DB Engine field, select the option 'Aurora-mysql'. In 'DB Engine Version' field, select the required 5.7 version.
4. Select the appropriate DB instance class (To avoid any performance issues, it is recommended to have at least the same instance type as Aurora instance 5.6.10a)
5. Enter the other field appropriately and the click on 'Restore DB instance'

Once your Db instance is updated just switch over to the new endpoint at your convenience.
Please find the complete release notes along with their features in the below document:
[+] Database Engine Updates for Amazon Aurora MySQL 2.0 -

Having said this, I strongly recommend you to do the upgrade in a test environment. Perform the necessary tests on the new Aurora 5.7 instance, and if it suits your application workload, you may go ahead and do the upgrade in your production environment.

I hope you find the above information helpful.

Have a great day ahead!

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