Build succeeds but backend changes are not deployed


On Amplify console after a push to a connected branch the build goes trough all the steps and there are no errors, the Backend section of the Build tab seems to detect the changes like new storage and so on. But the changes are not deployed to the actual backend, I don't see my new tables on dynamo or new code on lambda. etc. This is happening on all environments. It was working and now all of a sudden it stopped working on all builds.

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I might not have all the context behind this question, but I will assume you added the DDB tables with the command amplify add storage and you can see them now in the config file, I will also assume you created the function using amplify add function or amplify update function, if that is the case those changes need to be deployed with amplify push before then can be used. Once this is created every time there is a change on the function the pipeline should detect them and deploy the updated code.

Check in your amplify console if the resources are defined in there, if that is the case please ignore my answer, if not definitely do a push. I hope this helps!

answered 2 years ago
  • Yes you are talking about Ampliy CLI and that works, I do that in my dev environment. But then when I push to master I have a webhook to trigger a build on the Amplify Console and then this issue happens, everything builds correctly but the backend is not deployed.

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