Not able to connect to internet from msk connect



I am deploying msk clickhouse connector but continously getting timeout error connecting to clickhouse cloud which is public instance outside of aws.

My msk cluster is public and i am able to telnet to it also its on 3 public subnets with igw attached to route table to these 3 subnets.

Wondering if these are okay for msk connect to be able to connect to internet.

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Please refer the below AWS documentation [+]

If your connector for Amazon MSK Connect needs access to the internet, we recommend that you use the following Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) settings to enable that access.

  1. Configure your connector with private subnets.

  2. Create a public NAT gateway or NAT instance for your VPC in a public subnet. For more information, see the Connect subnets to the internet or other VPCs using NAT devices page in the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud User Guide.

  3. Allow outbound traffic from your private subnets to your NAT gateway or instance.

Workaround for public subnets- If you configure your cluster to use public subnets, you can attach an Elastic IP address (EIP) to the elastic network interface (ENI) that Amazon MSK Connect creates in your VPC. We don't recommend this method, because ENI attachments are not permanent, and the service may create or remove ENIs during maintenance or scaling operations.

For a deeper analysis into the issue and gain more insights tailored to your MSK resources, I request you to please reach out to AWS Premium Support team via a support case.

Hope the above information and documentation helps!


answered 2 months ago

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