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/Upgrade Ubuntu AMI version from 16.04 to 22.04/

Upgrade Ubuntu AMI version from 16.04 to 22.04


Hi! I want to upgrade my server EC2 with Ubuntu 16.04, the problem is that when I did it in the usual way to upgrade ubuntu ( ** sudo do-release-upgrade** )and I restart the server, the checkings fails and stop the instance. I tried it a lot of times and always happends the same.

How can I upgrade the version of Ubuntu AMI on my EC2 instance?


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Hello there,

Firstly, you cannot jump from Ubuntu 16.04 straight to Ubuntu 22.04 as you would need to go through each major release one by one:

16 -> 18 -> 20 -> 22

Secondly, you can create a new Ubuntu latest version instance and migrate your data by detaching the EBS volume from the Ubuntu 16.04 ec2 instance and attaching it to the newly created Ubuntu latest version ec2 instance.

The following documentation helps with the data migration:

answered a month ago

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