DMS vs CloudEndure for DB Migration


What is the recommended engine to migrated DBs? DMS or Cloudendure? what are the criteria where one is better than the other?

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There's a few different ways to migrate databases. There's lots of considerations and you'll want to ask some further questions including:

  • How much data is to be migrated?
  • How much outage is acceptable?
  • Is the target going to be RDS?
  • Is the source and target database engine different? i.e. MySQL to Postgresql

You might consider the following options:

  1. Native Backup and Restore - The easiest option, but has some downtime between taking the backup, copying the backup file, and then restoring it
  2. Native Database Mirroring/Replication/Log Shipping - Can migrate a database with minimal or even no outage
  3. DMS - More involved to set up source and destination, schemas and replication and cutting over, but has some features to migrate between different database engines and can now even transform data in the process
  4. CloudEndure OS Level replication - Replicates all changes to the disk at a block level. This is an easy way if you have access to the database server and the target server will run in EC2. It integrates with VSS (Volume Shadow Copy), so it will replicate all data up to the point in time when you click cutover. However, there will be an outage to complete the migration and launch the instance.
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