Not able to use Image Builder for Graphics-Pro instance type with AppStream 2.0


I have already made request to increase the quota limit for the instance for image builder. I got response from the AWS support executive and got confirmation that quota increase has been approved and I can use the requested instance type for image builder in AppStream. But while using the image builder, I am not getting the option to use the Graphics-Pro instance family. It only shows General purpose and G4 instance family. What am I missing here? Please do the needful.

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1 Answer

Hi -

Are you sure you're checking the region the limit was requested and raised for? If you are, please follow up on your AWS Support case about not being able to launch the resource that was granted.

answered 2 years ago
  • Yes, I am checking the same region the limit was requested and raised for. I followed up AWS Support case, in which they suggested to ask here in the forum. Still facing the same issue.

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