Unable to recieve email address verification email through SNS


Hi all,

  • I've created an SES domain
  • I've created an address
  • I've created a rule -> SNS
  • I've created a subscription to the SNS topic -> my personal email
  • I've sent the address validation email again and again

The result is that I don't receive the validation email in my personal email. I've followed this guide to setup everything:

The SNS subscription works, because I receive emails whenever I publish test messages to the SNS topic. Something seems to be wrong in the SES -> SNS integration, but I've double checked and found nothing.


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2 Answers

For some reason I needed the MX record, that is not created automatically in the domain creation process.

Thanks all.

answered 3 years ago


I had a look at the doc you linked. It's actually a misunderstanding of how SES and email/DNS work. The very purpose of verifying a domain is that you don't have to verify individual email addresses. So once you verified foo.com, there is no need to verify no_reply@foo.com to send emails from it. This also saves you from all the hacky setup suggested by the author with the inbound + rule setup.

Hope it clarifies.

answered 3 years ago

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