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Quicksight not able to ingest dataset bigger than 1GB at a time


Hello, I am trying to analysis a few datasets (which are all bigger than 1GB), and they are mostly either CSV or Excel datasets. The goal is to be able to build dashboards with different datasets. I found that upon trying to ingest them into Quicksight, I got this error:

quicksight File size cannot be greater than 1 GB

I would appreciate some help from the experts on methods to resolve this. I have read that some methods are to use Athena or S3 as a solution, before being able to ingest the data into Quicksight to build dashboards - but I am not sure which is the best way. Could someone please help with a tutorial to get this resolved ?

Thank you,

1 Answer

Check you SPICE size if it is full.

go to account setting and select Manage Quicksight. It shows you the current and available size of SPICE.

Just extend it.

answered 7 months ago

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