Getting access to Billing information when using AWS SSO


hi, as of now, only our Root user has access to Billing information and we would like to give access to a few more users.

We have followed the steps as described here: We created a Billing policy and assigned it to a non-root user. Now, when logging in, I have choice between "Administrator user" and "Billing user". I then select "Billing user" and go to the Billing dashboard. Unfortunately, it displays a message saying that I don't have access: You Need Permissions You don't have permission to access billing information for this account. Contact your AWS administrator if you need help. If you are an AWS administrator, you can provide permissions for your users or groups by making sure that (1) this account allows IAM and federated users to access billing information and (2) you have the required IAM permissions .

I don't know if it's related, but we are using AWS SSO with Active Directory.


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You mention the policy and the assignment of the policy, but did you allow IAM user and role access to billing data? You can do this via the root user. Until this is completed, the policy and assignment won't matter.

If your account is part of an organization using SCPs, it's possible that there may be a global policy preventing access to billing.

answered a year ago

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