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Hi guys! I would like to check who can help on a GameLift setup and cost case: A test was put in place with a multiplayer pack, without texture, light simple data traffic, to have a sense of expenses with the Gamelift server. During the 90-minute time on Gamelift and the investment cost came to the cost of $ 20 for 90 minutes of GameLift running the game test. I believe it could be some wrong configuration because it was a high cost in my view. I would like to see who can help us with this situation in knowing how to reduce these costs with the cloud if they are really misconfiguration problems. Thank you all!

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Need to know a little more about your setup ie OS, # of instances, how much of this was GameLift EC2 cost, how much was data transit costs etc.

Some tips though:

  • Prefer Linux Servers - much cheaper base costs, Linux is per second billing etc.
  • Prefer Spot as much as you can tolerate. Spot instances are much much cheaper and interruption rate is probably going to be lower than you think (obviously verify this with metrics etc)
  • Use multi-process - can run up to 50 game servers per EC2 instance so optimize your dedicated servers so you can pack them onto the instance.
  • Pay attention to your spare capacity - Carry enough to deal with demand, ensure you scale down capacity you don't need.

See for pricing per instance. Sometimes just chosing the right EC2 instance can help (ie it has the memory/cpu to run x instances of your game)

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A lot of factors can come into play here, are they using Windows or Linux ec2 instances to host server processes? This matters because Windows charges per hour, counting partial hours as full hours while Linux charges per minute I believe.

Also, which instance type are they using?

And lastly, assuming there was only one fleet with one instance running, are you sure it was only 90 minutes being charged? Because if you don't shut down the instance manually or automatically after using it, you will be charged while it is in idle.

answered 4 years ago

Thanks! I will review the EC2 instances and their settings. Thanks @REDACTEDUSER

answered 4 years ago

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