Errors migrating EC2 classic instances to VPC


I'm attempting to use Systems Manager Automation to migrate our EC2 classic instances to our VPC. They error out at the Security Group creation stage, and the error message says "no default VPC found". When I look at our one and only VPC (which is in the same region), the Default VPC setting is "No". I need to get my EC2 Classic instances and Security Groups migrated. How fix this error to get everything to migrate properly?

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Have you tried specifying the following parameters DestinationSecurityGroupId and DestinationSubnetId? Based on the AWSSupport-MigrateEC2ClassicToVPC documentation, without specifying a value for those, the document picks the default security group and random subnet from your VPC. Manual steps are provided in this Migrate from EC2-Classic to a VPC documentation as well.

answered 2 years ago

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