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/Is it real to get UE4 Beacon port?/

Is it real to get UE4 Beacon port?


Hey! My server listens on 2 ports and uses port 7777 for client connection and port 7787 for beacon connection. When starting a game session, if any of these ports are busy, IpNetDriver increments the port numbers and starts listening. This could be, for example, "7778 and 7788" or "7780 and 7791". There are no dependencies. The beacon client can only connect to the expected beacon port, but it changes every new game session. Is there a way to get the gaming session beacon port together with the server's IP and port as a search result?

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The UE4 beacon is a customer specific implementation detail. Currently the 2 APIs for querying game sessions SearchGameSessions[1] and DescribeGameSessions[2] only have the capability to provide the GamePropeties/GameSessionData that were provided as part of the CreateGameSession[3] request. If the beacon port is variable and not available at the time CreateGameSession was called, there is currently no way to provide this as part of a search result.

Once connected, the game client and server process communicate directly without involving the GameLift service. Would it be possible to communicate this information post initialization? If that is not possible, I would alternatively suggest coming up with a fixed convention to assign beacon ports. Here's an article[4] regarding how ports are handled when there are multiple server processes per instance (the customer can follow something on the lines of Option 2 while initializing their beacon).

Refer relevant documentation:

answered 5 months ago

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