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AuroraDB serverless Jakarta region


Hi fellow AWS users and AWS employees,

I would like to migrate our current development database from PostgreSQL RDS to AuroraDB. Also we are planning to migrate our infrastructure to Jakarta region (ap-southeast3).

Unfortunately, we can't find an option about AuroraDB serverless in Jakarta region. Is there any plan to provide AuroraDB serverless service in Jakarta region in near future?

Or alternatively, is there're any solution that we can use in AWS that handles auto-scaling relational database system?

I hope someone can share some informations about this.

Thank you in advance

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As of now, Jakarta is not a support region for Aurora Serverless (Relevant Documentation). Please keep a watch on our Whats New feed as new regions are added.

In terms of relational databases that can auto scale, instance based Aurora does support auto scaling. See the Aurora auto scaling documentation here.

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answered 2 months ago

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