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I am currently exploring AWS IoT Core, with a specific focus on identifying effective monitoring tools for AWS IoT Core endpoints. I consider a robust monitoring system essential for ensuring optimal performance and reliability of IoT applications running on AWS.

I would greatly appreciate your expertise and experience in this domain. Here are some detailed questions to guide our discussion:

  1. What monitoring tools have you found most effective for AWS IoT Core endpoints?
  • Are there specific tools that stand out in terms of ease of use, comprehensive monitoring features, or integration capabilities?
  1. How do these tools handle endpoint health monitoring and performance metrics?
  • It would be valuable to hear about any issues you've faced or areas where these tools may fall short in meeting your monitoring requirements.
  1. Integration with other AWS services: How seamless is it?
  • Given the interconnected nature of AWS services, how well do these monitoring tools integrate with other AWS components? Are there any notable integrations that enhance their overall effectiveness?
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Here are some recommendations for monitoring tools and approaches for AWS IoT Core endpoints:

  • CloudWatch Metrics - IoT Core provides built-in metrics for things like connected devices, telemetry ingestion, errors, etc. These can be monitored through CloudWatch dashboards, alarms, and integrations. Very easy to set up with no additional cost.

  • CloudWatch Logs - Enable IoT Core logging and ship logs to CloudWatch Logs for monitoring device connections, messages, failures, etc. Can stream to other tools.

  • AWS IoT Device Defender - Specialized tool for IoT device security and anomaly detection. Can monitor for issues like unusual traffic spikes.

  • New Relic - Robust third-party monitoring tool with IoT-specific integrations and reporting for metrics, logs, and traces. More advanced features like alerting and UX.

  • Datadog - Similar to New Relic, with IoT monitoring capabilities and integrations. Can also monitor cloud resources in one platform.

  • Nagios - Open source monitoring tool that can be extended to watch IoT metrics and logs with custom plugins. More hands-on setup.

  • Prometheus - Popular open source tool with exporters for aggregating and querying time-series IoT data. Integrates with Grafana for dashboards.

For ease of use and native integrations, I would recommend starting with CloudWatch for basic monitoring needs. For more advanced visualizations, correlations, and features, the third-party tools like New Relic or Datadog are very capable.

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