Metrics on health checks, data throughput, etc?



I was wondering if there are plans to get metrics on throughput or health checks for my GA listeners and endpoints.

I'm currently using EC2 instances as the targets of my GA Endpoints, but I want health check and other data to know how things are going. Yes, I can use canaries and the like to verify my service is running, but I'd love to know if, for example, only 1 of my 5 instances is serving traffic - canaries couldn't detect this.

I know I can use NLBs/ELBs as the Endpoint, and put my instances behind that, but it seems that I would just add to my cost. Thanks!!

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Thanks for your question! Please see the following blog post for more information on how to use Flow Logs to get more metrics on you accelerator:

It uses a combination of Lambda and Athena to build a dashboard using Amazon QuickSight to visualize the flow log data, such as top talkers using client IP addresses and traffic distribution across Global Accelerator endpoints.


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answered 4 years ago

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