API Gateway Enable Throttling with request rate at 1000 request per minute


I am trying to scale my application using aws api gat way and throttling. I want the ability to queue request the push them in batches as not to overload my system. Because as the request increase so does the latency on the application. I want to know if Api gateway is a good tool to implement this, and if it how can i implement this there , or if there is any other aws service i can use.

Thank you

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Hi Accuvend,

You can use AWS API Gateway to implement the scaling and queueing

Leveraging API Gateway Throttling: API Gateway provides built-in throttling capabilities that can help you manage the incoming request load and prevent your backend system from being overloaded. You can configure throttling limits at the API, stage, or method level:

Throttling Rate: Specify the rate (requests per second) at which tokens are added to the token bucket.
Throttling Burst: Specify the capacity of the token bucket, which determines the maximum number of concurrent requests that can be handled.

You can configure these throttling settings through the API Gateway console, CLI, or SDK.

Implementing Queueing with API Gateway and Lambda: To implement a queueing mechanism, you can use API Gateway in combination with AWS Lambda:

Set up an API Gateway endpoint that accepts the incoming requests.
Configure API Gateway to forward the requests to a Lambda function.
In the Lambda function, you can implement the queueing logic to batch the requests and process them in a controlled manner, avoiding overloading your backend system.

This approach allows you to decouple the request handling from the backend processing, providing the queueing and batching functionality you require.


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