In place upgrade from Amazon Linux 2 to AL2022


Good afternoon.

I've begun investigating L2022 and was wondering, as my searching has not, yet, yielded anything of use, whether there was an option for in place upgrade of Amazon Linux 2 to 2022.

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  • Appreciate the response but, in all fairness, other than the note that it's still in a state of preview release, it doesn't answer my question at all.

    Is or will there be an option to perform an upgrade from Amazon Linux 2 to AL2022, in place, without having to build anew instance and migrate applications and data between them?


My educated guess for now is no.

The reasons for that are:

  1. Amazon Linux 2022 is based on Fedora, but isn't directly compatible with any particular release of Fedora. Amazon Linux 2 was built on several upstream sources including Fedora.
  2. History wise - Amazon Linux 1 was not in-place upgradeable to 2
  3. They explicitly state that Amazon Linux 2 features a high level of compatibility with CentOS 7. As a result, many EPEL7 packages work on Amazon Linux 2. However, no EPEL or EPEL-like repositories currently work on Amazon Linux 2022. Hence this can't be backwards compatible for now.
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