Is it recommended to turn off automatic backups on RDS clusters/instances when you have AWS Backup enabled for RDS?


When you have AWS Backup enabled for RDS, is it recommended to disable automated backups on individual RDS instances or clusters?

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Amazon RDS calls its continuous backups "automated backups." AWS Backup calls Amazon RDS continuous backups "continuous backups."

After you apply an AWS Backup continuous backup rule to an Amazon RDS instance, you can't create or modify continuous backup settings to that instance in Amazon RDS. This limitation exists to prevent conflicts. The continuous backup control transition from RDS to AWS Backup.

answered a year ago

Thank you @AWS-user-ankush, that makes sense for non-Aurora databases. How about Aurora databases?

I see for Aurora databases, I have daily two snapshots. One that was created by AWS Backup and one by Aurora itself.

I've asked a related question about Aurora continuous backups.

Maybe one approach would be to exclude Aurora from AWS Backups and instead, to have a custom config rule or automation to check that all Aurora databases have a minimum backup retention period set. That way we could ensure that Aurora databases have both daily backups and continuous backups enabled.

What do you think?

answered a year ago

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