how to get OTP for Cognito user's ?


I am using the 'User Cognito Pool' Service.

Here I am storing the user's mobile and email ID.

Also, I am using 'SNS' and 'SES' services to send OTP to log in to my web application.

'SNS' States that only 10 mobile numbers can be registered. if so, How do all users available in the 'User Cognito Pool' get OTP?

1 Answer
  • you can batch of users from your user pool, based on some criteria
  • For each user in the batch, send the OTP via SMS using AWS SNS. Make sure the user's mobile number is correctly registered with the SNS topic
  • If you want to send OTPs via email as well, you can use SES. You can use the SendEmail API to send emails with OTPs to the users.


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answered 3 months ago
  • Hi Manoj Kengudelu, Thank you for your time. I will refer to it, but I have some doubts, so kindly share if you have any reference Documents, for creating a batch of users in the user pool.

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