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Intenal Errors in AWS Athena


Running below standard query:

SELECT table_name, COUNT(*) FROM information_schema.columns AS columns_number where table_name like '%appl%' GROUP BY table_name ORDER BY 1 desc ;

It gives different errors as shown below :- Enter image description here


Enter image description here

It is giving these different set of errors for S3 based SQL Service - AWS Athena.

1 Answers


Please ensure your table names, schemas, database names, and column names are all correct.

The “HIVE_INVALID_METADATA” happens when the AWS Glue table schema contains duplicate column names or columns with the same name as partition columns. To resolve the error please follow the steps in the documentation here:

As for the “GENERIC_INTERNAL_ERROR” there could be several different things causing this. Please refer to the following documentation that describes the different error cases and steps to resolve:

Hope this helps.

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answered 15 days ago

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