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[CDK Pipeline] Best way to share parameters cross-stage (same account)?


I have a CDK Pipeline (aws-cdk v2.3.0) where I would like to share parameters across stages.

When I try to pass the resource across stages, I get dependency cannot cross stage boundaries.

Right now, I'm resorting to putting the variables in ssm string parameters. Is there a better way to share parameters across stages?

1 Answer

Another potential way is using variables in CodePipeline. We need to export variables in CodeBuild BuildSpec, then access the variables in later stages. For example, create a CodeBuild project with exported-variables

const codeBuildProject = new codebuild.PipelineProject({
    buildSpec: aws_codebuild.BuildSpec.fromObject({
         env: {
          // save the imageTag environment variable as a CodePipeline Variable
          'exported-variables': [

CodeBuild action

const codeBuildAction = new codepipeline_actions.CodeBuildAction({
      actionName: 'CodeBuildActionName',
      project: codeBuildProject,
      input: sourceOutput,

then access this variable in Deploy stage


I hope this reference can help you

answered 6 months ago

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