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Thanks for your help.

I want to setup Gmail google service with my current domain (jhonvalencia.com) but I'm having issues activating it. The situation is as follows, there's a current split happening for a google workspace account I don't own, the person who registered my domain into his google workspace asked me to follow these steps: https://support.google.com/a/answer/12099366?hl=en&fl=1&sjid=18239116273418353132-NA#zippy=%2Cset-up-the-new-google-workspace-account

So I signed in into this separate google workspace (which the owner told me to sign in) to configure my gmail service but I found it is asking to activate the domain for new.jhonvalencia.com (which is strange for me, I guess is because of the split)

Enter image description here

I have followed the steps to activate the gmail service which is creating MX records in Route 53 and then hitting Activate Gmail button, and I am getting an error like:

Enter image description here

The amazon route 53 records I created in a hosted zone look like: Enter image description here

Also, it's worth to say this is my first time I perform this type of migration and I need a little bit of guidance; I have studied DNS in general, I understand how it works, I have tried different things but I'm struggling in this activation and mainly because of this google workspace split process.

These are posts I have followed to try to make this activation work:

Thanks for reading!
Hope everything is well for you.

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Your DNS isn't delegated to Route53 for either jhonvalencia.com or for the sub-domain new.jhonvalencia.com.

jhonvalencia.com is delegated to SiteGround, and there are no NS (or any other records for new.jhonvalencia.com).

% dig -t NS jhonvalencia.com +short

You don't mention which domain you are using in your Route53 hosted zone, so two cases apply.

  1. If you intend to use the domain jhonvalencia.com, you need to login to SiteGround and change the name servers to the ones provided by Route53 (their are 4 of them).
  2. If you intend to use the domain new.jhonvalencia.com, then you need to login to SiteGround and delegate the sub-domain new in the zone jhonvalencia.com to Route53. You do this by creating 4 NS record in jhonvalencia.com for new.jhonvalencia.com and fill in the four Route53 name-servers for new.jhonvalencia.com into those.

Then you have to wait for this to replicated on the Internet - which could take up to a few days.

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