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/Recommended method to Scan FSx for malware/

Recommended method to Scan FSx for malware


Does AWS scan the FSx filesystem for malware? If not, what is the recommended method of scanning the FSx filesystem for malware files uploaded to the shares?

Should we map a drive to the fsx file system from a windows server and then scan the drive?
Any other ways to do this? Thanks.

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1 Answers

Hi BrianSei,

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server offers file storage accessible via the industry-standard SMB protocol, so you can access your file system by mapping a network drive from an EC2 Windows instance with an antivirus solution, and scan the mapped network drive periodically. You can also use the antivirus solution on every client instance that accesses the file system to ensure scanning during the initial file write itself.

Thank you,
Amazon FSx team

answered 2 years ago

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