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I have a hosted zone set up in AWS route53 ( and a Simple CNAME record inside that hosted zone ( and have configured it to redirect to our ServiceNow instance ( but rather than going to the instance it is redirecting to directly.

I did a DiG and the DNS record appears to be accurate and fine.

I tried a curl and and I'm guessing the redirect is from http to https which I believe is standard, I get SSL errors when trying http which is to be expected.

I can only assume at this point that service now must be doing some kind of domain filtering at the load balancer and the website I'm getting redirected to is just the default target when no patterns match.

How do I work around this so I can redirect our URL directly to our servicenow instance?


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Hi there, A CNAME record on its own won't redirect one domain to another, especially if there's HTTPS involved. When you try to access or, the first thing that happens in your local PC is DNS resolution. Assuming you have created the CNAME record for to, your local PC will now attempt to resolve to receive an IP address, as eventually this is what it needs to connect at the IP level. The connection will then be sent to the IP address of service-now, but the HTTP Host header will still be So besides creating the CNAME, you also need to make sure service-now is actually expecting this Host header and has an SSL/TLS certificate to reply with.

Hope this clarifies your question. -Carlos


answered a year ago

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