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I've been reading documentation on how to setup Blue-Green deployments on ECS and I would like to know if it's tied to AWS CodeDeploy.

The problem is my company uses another CI server but in the end containers are deployed in ECS. Is there a work around. Can I just docker push from the CI server and trigger the BG deployment? So if the docker image is built before hand in another CI server how can I leverage the codedeploy ability to do the blue-green deployment

If not, can I just create a Deployment on CodeDeploy and just run one command, in this case docker push?


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No, you are not required to use AWS CodeDeploy for Blue/Green deployments however CodeDeploy does make it easier. The following is an example of using Jenkins to manage your deployments:

Also, as another option, many of the popular CI servers have plugins to call CodeDeploy. In this scenario you can continue to use your existing CI server in conjunction with CodeDeploy and get the best of both worlds.



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