Help Needed, GameLift server SKD 3.x Unreal Engine StartbackFill method documentation is very unclear


I am using Gamelift with Unreal Engine and the c++ server sdk documentation for 3.x is very ambiguous. I am trying to call the startMatchBackFill() method from the server SDK and not able to find a proper syntax definition anywhere. Can someone please share a code snippet that clearly explains/ shows how to update the matchdata using backfill method. Thanks :)

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As mentioned in the below documentation, onUpdateGameSession method will be called when you initiate match backfill requests in your game.

For the startMatchBackfill operation, we currently have example for this using the JavaScript SDK...and not using the C++ as of now in the public facing documentation.

You can also reach out to the AWS support team for more information on your specific usecase/requirement.

answered 8 days ago

Note, the previous answer linked to the AWS SDK not the Amazon GameLift Server SDK. To ensure no confusion, this is our public documentation for the 3.x Server SDK Actions w/ Unreal Engine:

We also have some documentation on integrating with Unreal that includes code snippets for other Server SDK APIs (same syntax):

answered 7 days ago

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