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How to run JVM based HFT application on Graviton 3 CPUs


Thinking of creating a High Frequency Transaction Trading system to test my Algo Trading Strategies. Infrastructure will be AWS EC2 Graviton 3 instance (C7g) + AWS Linux2 + AWS Corretto JVM runtime OR OpenJDK GraalVM distribution. Why Graalvm because its Polyglot and reduces the contextual switch (Marshaling/Un-Marshaling ) between Data Structures of different programing languages. AWS EC2 Graviton 3 coming with more than 100 virtual cores and more than 100 MB of L1 + L2 + L3 cache. Pre-compiled native ARM CPU instructions will be saved in the CodeCache. Data Analytics will be done by Apache Spark 3 and code will JIT aware (Mostly in Scala and R). Data will be populated from SSDs and processed in RAM.


  1. Will Amazon Corretto or GraalVM capable of generating executable native instructions and interpreting towards ARM based Graviton CPU.
  2. Amazon Corretto is a flavor of OpenJDK. Does the Project GraalVM already merged with Amazon Corretto JVM. Can I replace Java on Truffle - Mete Circular JIT as C2 compiler of Amazon Corretto JVM.
  3. Where I can refer guides or whitepapers related to Amazon Corretto supporting OpenJDK JEPs and projects.
  4. Which super super quick programing language as a choice to write my Algo trading business logic. Expecting a nanosecond latency from the time of a signal enters the Ethernet port of a microprocessor and returns back the result.

Better Suggestions and questions are always appreciated.

    • Please note that Graviton3 has 64 cores, with no hyper-threading (i.e. not "100 vCPUs")
    • To minimize network latency, I'd recommend looking at a kernel bypassing frameworks (DPDK for ENA, or libfabric for EFA), and it's integration with the language of your choosing
    • I'd recommend reaching out to the Corretto team at:
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