Can I programatically retrieve the location an EFS backup was restored to?


I'm trying to restore data in EFS from recovery points managed by AWS Backup. It seems AWS Backup does not support destructive restores and will always restore to a directory in the target EFS file system, even when creating a new one.

I would like to sync the data extracted from such a recovery point to another volume, but right now I can only do this manually as I need to lookup the directory name that is used by the start-restore-job operation (e.g. aws-backup-restore_2022-05-16T11-01-17-599Z).

Looking through the documentation I can't find either of:

  • an option to set the name of the directory used
  • the value of directory name returned in any call (either start-restore-job or describe-restore-job)

I have also checked how the name of the directory maps to the creationDate and completionDate of the restore job but it seems neither match.

Is there any way for me to do one of these two things? Both of them missing make restoring a file system from a recovery point in an automated fashion very hard.

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