The EBS snapshot policy does not create a tag from the instance


Hi, I have created EC2 instances id-1 and id-2, in which I have created Tags:

for: id-1 Name = Instance1, backup_daily = yes

for: id-2 Name = Instance2, backup_daily = yes.

I have created an EBS snapshot policy:

instance Target instances with these tags: backup_daily: yes. Copy tags from source = yes Variable tags: instance-id: $ (instance-id); timestamp: $ (timestamp)

Based on this lifecycle policy, a snapshop will be created for both instances.

In the case of instance id-2, snapshop tags are created: instance-id: $ (instance-id); timestamp: $ (timestamp) Name: Instance2

In the case of instance id-1, however, only it will be created in tags instance-id: $ (instance-id); timestamp: $ (timestamp). The name = Instance1 tag is not created.

Where there may be a problem that the name tag is not created in the snapshot even though I have a Name tag in the instance, the lifecycle has "Copy tags from source = yes" and the same snapshot policy a Name tag in one case and no in the other.

Where is the problem?



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