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Can two servers connect to the same AWS CodeCommit repository?


Enter image description here Can two servers connect to the same AWS CodeCommit repository?

Is there any possibility of error or conflict?

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1 Answer

Yes, any number of servers or computers can clone a AWS CodeCommit repo. Since CodeCommit uses Git and Git is a distributed revision control system, it means that each clone is a complete copy of the Git database. If you and your team are trying to commit conflicting changes to a file in the same branch on CodeCommit, whoever is trying to make the last commit will need to reconcile those conflicts before Git will allow the commit to happen.

Here are our docs on connecting to a Git repo in AWS CodeCommit

Here are the basics of how merging works in Git -

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answered 2 months ago
  • I would like to clarify more on this query. Two servers are Gitlab servers and we want to mirror repositories from these server to same AWS codecommit respository. Will there be any conflict?

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