My account was hacked today and I want to close it


My aws account was hacked today and the person changed my email (that’s how I knew it). I only have the minimum privileges and I want to close this account which no longer serves me anything since I can do nothing about it. I obviously can’t do it myself, what should I do?

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Sorry to hear this happened. Here's an article on handling unauthorized activity on your AWS account you may find helpful:

If you're unable to complete any of the steps outlined in the article, you can still create a case with Support via this form (no log in required): Be sure to include as much detail as you can when filling out the form, as this may help Support to identify you as the account owner.

Support can assist with re-securing and closing your account.

Once you've created a case with Support, they'll respond in the order your inquiry was received and provide the next steps to take. Be on the lookout for their response.

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  • Marc O.
answered a year ago

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