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/Future Development idea - have Security Groups use "reference" container/

Future Development idea - have Security Groups use "reference" container


We have a setup where there may be multiple Security Groups in different VPCs, Regions, or Accounts that we have to put in the same IP information.

For example, AWS Admin "Joe" has IP of, and we have to enter this in seven different Security Groups.

My question is this, are there any thoughts of improving this in the future by centralizing it somewhat? So in this example, there would be a "Central Admin" group/file/config setting somewhere that we enter "Joe" and "" once, and in all the seven different security groups, we just put in the reference "Joe".

That way, if Joe's IP changes, you just have to change it in one place.

Just thought this might be a good enhancement, simpler management of this type of thing...any thoughts/plans/critiques?



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