Enabling Filters in Inspector V2


Hi Team,

Could you please explain the significance of filters in Inspector V2 and also I would need a cloudformation code to enable filters in Inspector V2.

Please help me with a cloudformation code example on filters in Inspector V2


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Check out this AWS News Blog for additional details: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/improved-automated-vulnerability-management-for-cloud-workloads-with-a-new-amazon-inspector/

From the blog about filters: "Assessments can result in hundreds of thousands, or more, findings that need to be filtered and sifted to determine the most critical to action. Also available today, organizations can determine which of the findings they consider to be acceptable and mark those findings for temporary or permanent suppression. This helps reduce the volume of alerts, further assisting with prioritization and automated remediation. Suppression filters can be set from several screens. Rules specify one or more filters, such as Severity, that will cause findings that match the filters to be removed from display. When defining rules, a list is shown of the findings that will be suppressed, helping you fine-tune the filter values to match your specific needs."

As far as CloudFormation examples, check out the AWS samples repo on Github for ideas on how to implement for your use case. https://github.com/aws-samples/inspector2-enablement-with-cli

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answered a year ago

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