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Moving to ECS-Fargate from EC2


Hi All,

We are trying to migrate from EC2 to AWS ECS Fargate and this is a PCI complaint environment. We would like to get inputs on how we could be complaint for PCI with Fargate implementation. Particularly it would be helpful if I get some inputs on how everyone is dealing with the run-time security of Fargate containers. It would be nice to know as to how requirements like anti-virus, FIM which were in EC2 are covered with AWS Fargate.

Regards, Karthik

1 Answer

We published a whitepaper for Architecting on Amazon ECS for PCI DSS Compliance in July 2020. This could serve as a good guide for some of the PCI DSS requirements.

We also have the ECS Security Best Practices guidance that informs the users on Fargate runtime security features.

You should work with your PCI-DSS assessor to ensure these controls are appropriate and acceptable for the scope of compliance.

answered 7 months ago

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