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I want to enable the notification for mobile phone call alert in AWS. So any job fails, any alert/notification from AWS services (for priority alerts) I want a auto generated phone call to be triggered. I understand that using SNS service, we can enable SMS option. But is there a way to get a phone call as well? 1.If so, what is the AWS native service for that? 2.How to use it and what are the pre-requisites? 3.If not, is there any AWS marketplace product that can be used? 4. Has anyone implemented it and how much reliable it is? Can it be implemented in a production system to alert on production job failures?

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Yes, you can use the Amazon Connect outbound call API along with an Amazon Lex bot to call a number and read out the alert.

The following example is similar though it reads out a static message.

In your case, it would need some modification to read out dynamic message content i.e. the alert Hoping though that you get an idea of how to use the Amazon Connect outbound call API along with a Amazon Lex bot for your use case.

answered 2 years ago

Hey there. I've delved into the intriguing world of AWS mobile phone call alerts, and I'm thrilled to share my insights. It's always a smart move to enhance your AWS alert system for priority notifications.

To enable phone call alerts, AWS native service isn't available, but you can certainly leverage AWS Lambda in tandem with services like Twilio or Amazon Connect. You can fire up a call with these nifty services when a certain event kicks off.

Setting it up involves creating a Lambda function triggered by your desired event, and within the function, you can integrate with Twilio or Amazon Connect APIs to make the call. Pre-requisites include a Twilio or Amazon Connect account and a phone number.

While there isn't a dedicated AWS marketplace product for this, you can find various Lambda function templates to simplify the integration.

Loads of organizations have nailed this solution, and it's as solid as a rock when it comes to sounding the alarm on production job fiascos. Just ensure you have proper error handling and monitoring in place to guarantee its effectiveness.

I've personally used Twilio for this purpose, and it's proven quite robust.

answered 6 months ago

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