Does it possible to Connect Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) cluster with on-premises Nodes!!!


We want Extending an Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) cluster with on-premises nodes involves creating a hybrid Kubernetes environment that spans both our EKS cluster in the cloud and our on-premises infrastructure.

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That's exactly what EKS Anywhere is made for. See

Amazon EKS Anywhere lets you create and operate Kubernetes clusters on your own 
infrastructure. Amazon EKS Anywhere builds on the strengths of Amazon EKS Distro 
and provides open-source software that’s up to date and patched so you can have an 
on-premises Kubernetes environment that’s more reliable than a self-managed Kubernetes 

This video will give you a deep dive into it:

You could use another K8s and interconnect them with EKS. But, having EKS in all locations develops interesting synergies: see above.

Also, from FAQ:

Why should I use EKS Anywhere?

Many customers operating Kubernetes clusters on-premises today must 
assemble, test, and integrate multiple third-party tools and purchase 
separate support contracts for each tool. Customers also have to allocate 
valuable resources tracking the latest updates and security patches for every 
tool needed to run Kubernetes on premises while ensuring any changes do 
not break compatibility with other tools. This leads to unnecessary complexity,
 fragmented support options, and inconsistencies between the cloud and on-premises 
clusters that make it hard to manage applications across environments. With Amazon EKS Anywhere
, you now have Kubernetes operational tooling that is consistent with Amazon EKS and 
is optimized to simplify cluster installation with default configurations for the operating system 
and networking needed to operate Kubernetes on-premises. Amazon EKS Anywhere uses Amazon 
EKS Distro, the same Kubernetes distribution deployed by Amazon EKS, allowing you to easily create 
clusters consistent with Amazon EKS best practices like the latest software updates and extended 
security patches. You can leverage support agreements with AWS for your Amazon EKS Anywhere 
cluster deployments and the integrated tools within, so you can reduce your support costs and 
avoid the maintenance  of redundant open-source and third-party tools. 



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answered 9 months ago

If you have on-premises nodes, they won't exist in isolation; they'll be part of a cluster that you run on-premises. Amazon EKS allows you to register Kubernetes clusters (and their nodes) running in different environments (providers) and manage the cluster and nodes through Amazon EKS. See Connecting an external cluster for steps to do this.

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answered 9 months ago
  • Does it possible to connect on-premises Nodes to existin Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) cluster ?


Thank you for your kind response and I am Sorry, my question was Does it possible to connect on-premises Nodes to Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) cluster!!

answered 9 months ago

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