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Aurora PostgreSQL write forwarding


Does Aurora Global with PostgreSQL support “Write forwarding” from secondary clusters ?
if not how are the customers suppose to achieve this.
To put it the other way, how can they direct their application to do writes to the aurora cluster in a different region ? What should they do at networking level to make the write endpoint visible

Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks


Customer has got a Primary Aurora Postgres cluster in eu-west-2

They have created a secondary read replica cluster in us-east-2

They can connect to the read only endpoint in us-east-2 from a us-east-2 ec2 instance

But cannot connect to the primary eu-west-2 cluster from us-east-2 (They are running an EC2 instance just to test the networking)

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Accepted Answer

With write forwarding, Global Database will have the data needed to know where to send writes from the various endpoints and there will be no proxy needed for this. Writes originating in remote (non-writer) regions, will be forwarded from and received by the regional endpoint. All you need to make sure is you are sending write request from us-east-2 ec2 instance to us-east-2 endpoint. Make sure write forwarding is enabled on the secondary. Aurora handles the cross-Region networking setup.

Not yet supported for Aurora PostgreSQL

answered 2 years ago

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