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How to GET list of tags using registry-alias & repository for Public ECR?


I am attempting a REST API call to GET list of image & its tags by providing registry-alias & repository-name as path parameters, for public registry of ECR. I tried below endpoint and I am unsuccessful to get response. I am also unable to get any information related to whether I am doing this right from AWS API reference or other online articles. Any guidance related to getting this working is greatly appreciated.

**My expectation:- **As developer, I should be able GET list of images and tags over REST API, even when I am not authenticated with AWS account.

It will be nice to have more documentation; like for example, what are the endpoints that are supported for public ECR, similar to DockerHub and Microsoft.

REST API that I tried:-



Response I received:-

{ "errors": [ { "code": "DENIED", "message": "Not Authorized" } ] }

Reference I went through:-

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2 Answers

I think your question was well described. As a developer I want to be able to get this info the standard way using curl against the API, without the need of calling an operating system command that needs to be properly installed and setup. I still would like an answer to that :)

answered 3 months ago

Hi! You can use the ecr public Describe Images API command: which will go to the ecr-public and api.ecr-public endpoints.

answered 8 months ago
  • Hey, Thanks for reading my question and coming forward to help me.

    Please accept my apologise for not mentioning a crucial piece of this question; which is, I am trying get this information over Postman HTTP GET request. Ahm.. Do you happen to know how can we achieve it through Postman HTTP request?

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