AWS Route53 domain registration is not working


The following error occurs when trying to register a domain: How can we solve this problem?

리소스                       상태     도메인 등록 실패: [2001 : Command syntax error ([Command syntax error])]     도메인 등록 실패     도메인 등록 실패: [Parameters in request are not valid]
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2 Answers

The 1st error message indicates an issue with the command syntax being used. In order to accurately assist with this issue, could you kindly confirm how you are registering the domain. e.g Are you registering via AWS console, CLI, SDK or a third-party tool. For more information on the required Request Syntax for domain registration I have included links below to our documentation for the AWS CLI and API.

With regards to the [Parameters in request are not valid] error, there can be multiple causes. The most common cause is when the is a special character in any of the information. Attempt to type in, in place of copy-paste and make sure no special character in contact information.

answered a year ago

Because .co domain is currently not added as one of the supported top-level domains (TLDs) by Route 53, consider registering the domain at another domain provider and use the DNS records to point to your AWS service. Refer to the list of TLDs in this document:

For .tv domain, it is listed as one of the TLDs you can use to register domains with Route 53. Refer to this document for more information: ‘Parameters in request are not valid’ error indicates that the parameters on the Contact Information page likely had an invalid input. Ensure that there are no special characters such as a slash ('/') in any of the contact information fields.

answered a year ago

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