CloudWatch metrics and alarms Cross-account/Cross-Region with CloudFormation


Hi, do you know when might Cross-account cross-Region CloudWatch metrics and alarms creation be available with cloudformation?

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There are three different elements to be managed: 1) configuring the sharing between source and monitor accounts, 2) creating metrics and 3) creating alarms based on those metrics.

  1. Configuration of the source side of the sharing is set up with IAM, which can be automated with CloudFormation. provides the template. The monitoring side of the sharing looks to be console only at this point, which is a shame, but in most cases I guess you'd only want to do this once so not too much of an overhead.

  2. Metrics stay in the source accounts so can be managed as they are in a non-shared account:

  3. Ideally the metric property would have an AccountId property. Perhaps this is what's coming soon? As a work-around you can use the Metrics property of the alarm with a MetricDataQuery, which does have an AccountId property. That would make an alarm something like this for a cross account alarm on EC2 CPU, deployed to the monitoring account based on a metric from a source account:

    Type: AWS::CloudWatch::Alarm
      AlarmDescription: Alarm to prove cross account works in CFN
      Threshold: '80'
      ComparisonOperator: GreaterThanThreshold
      EvaluationPeriods: '1'
        - Id: metricOne
          AccountId: '<your source account here>'
          Label: EC2 Max CPU in account
                    - Name: InstanceId
                      Value: <your instance id>
                  MetricName: CPUUtilization
                  Namespace: AWS/EC2
              Period: '60'
              Stat: Maximum
          ReturnData: True

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