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I am trying to add a domain for use with WorkMail. I'm following the directions for confirm domain ownership, WorkMail configuation, Improved Security, and Improved email delivery. I purchased my domain using Namecheap and I am configuring the DNS records using Namecheap's Advanced DNS.

The first issue I have run into is that any record it would like me to add that uses the name of the domain ends in a '.'

For example it would like to add the TXT record "" Namecheap's DNS does not seem to like that '.' at the end of the domain and it says the record cannot be saved. If I remove the '.' Namecheap will save the DNS record, but the WorkMail domain status reports that they have failed.

Thank you for your help

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It's okay that some companies strip the ending dot from your FQDN; all browsers do the same. A change to a DNS record can take up to 72 hours to propagate worldwide, although it typically takes a few hours. Give it some time, and then check the WorkMail domain status again.

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answered a month ago
  • Thank you for your response - I've resolved some of the issues. Records WorkMail said to add like "" I just added as "autodiscover" and removed the domain at the end. Now the only records that are not verified ones that only contain "" as the record key.

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