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Slow network between EC2 instances


I copy files from an i3.metal instance to a t3.medium instance with 16Gb sc1 EBS disk. Both located in us-west-2 (Oregon) region (though in different AZs). Sometimes I have up to 200Mb/s speed (which might be a limitation of an SSD on i3.metal, so this is a different question), but sometimes only 30Mb/s! See the graph from CloudWatch:

i3.metal is said to have 3125 Mb/s network, t3.medium is said to have up to 625 Mb/s network. sc1 disk baseline IO throughput should be 192Mb/s. But clearly, something is limiting my speed. Could anyone suggest what this can be?

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1 Answer

Ok, seems like the CPU just cannot handle much of a traffic input:

answered a year ago

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