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is there a tool that can generate a cloud formation script to recreate a current VPC and it's associated configurations


I've got a VPC in an account atm, seems I need to move/recreate my VPC, all my subnets, routes, basic security groups etc. wonder if there is a tool that can create the cloud formation script know there is a vanilla cloud formation yaml file, which you can configure... hoping there is a tool that can create the file based on a current VPC.

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See: Former2

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answered 6 months ago
  • i see Former2 under answer, but I don't see any answer...

  • Sorry georgel if I'm not understanding your comment, but kentrad's answer is exactly right. Former2 is an awesome tool that does just what you want.

  • My apology, did not understand the answer, will have a look at the tool: Former2. G

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