Is the SendUsersMessages quota for Pinpoint API per user/message or per request?


In the Pinpoint quotas doc it says SendUsersMessages has a 6000 rps limit.

In the SendUsersMessages doc it says we can send 100 users per request.

Does that mean I can send requests to 600k users per second? or does each user count as a request?

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Hi, @ttandss

As with API requests, you need to pay more attention to the quarters per message channel as to whether you can send a message to a user.

Many of the message channel limits are lower than Pinpoint's request limits and must be counted per message.

For example, for email channels, there are a sending quota and a sending rate.
In the case of push notifications, "Maximum number of push notifications that can be sent per second in a campaign" is defined.

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answered 2 years ago
  • Thank you @iwasa for your answer. I am aware of this channel-specific push limit, but was not sure if it applied since it mentions "sent per second >>in a campaign<<" which the SendUsersMessages API is explicitly not doing. Do you know if the same "in a campaign" limit applies for this API which sends push notifications while not using campaigns?


Checked with AWS Support. The limit is in fact 600k (6k requests, batches of 100) messages per second.

Since this API is not a campaign API, it is not throttled by the campaign push limit.

answered 2 years ago

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