limits with API gateway custom authorizer for number of requests


Customer is looking to use API Gateway and the custom authorizers functionality. They have concerns that there may be limits in place around custom authorizers that might limit how many requests they can be sending through an API gateway that has a custom authorizer tied to it.

The customer has around 3 million monthly active users but API gateway traffic would be higher.

Are there any limits around the custom authorizer for concurrent requests or any other limits that the customer should be aware of when it comes to determining if custom authorizers can support their customer base? If there are limits around number of requests what are the limits and can they be raised?

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Lambda authorizer is just like any other function and as such it has the same limits. It has a burst capacity, which can be 500-3000, depending on the region, and it can increase by 500 per minute from that number. It is also limited by the account concurrency (1000 concurrent invocations by default).

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answered 4 years ago

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