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[Action required] Amazon Route 53 wasn't able to register


No matter which domain I choose, com, link, rocks, etc. All the time failed. I'm trying to register as 'personal'.

asked a month ago64 views
2 Answers

Hello There,

Looks like the domain name which is looking for <PERSONAL> domain name, where most of the TLD's are preregistered by other. You can quickly check here

For that domain, I have listed the few available TLD's : Can looks for these available one's (holdings,construction,contractors,ceo etc...),,,

Also, as a side note the domain <> is at sale, check more info using the below site

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answered a month ago

Unfortunately you get me wrong. I want to register a domain like eg., or .rocks or else. As 'personal' I meant for personal purposes, not on behalf of Company or else. And yes, no matter I try all the registrations are failed.

answered a month ago

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